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19 February 2024

Glamping – Britain’s New Favourite Holiday Experience

Picture this: you’re in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by lush greenery while the stars shine bright. The air is cool so you head inside your tent and wrap yourself up in a sleeping bag. You flick off your lamp to avoid the bugs and shift to get comfy on your ground mat or blowup mattress. You can hear night birds and other campers and the sound of nature as you settle in for sleep.

Is this your idea of a dream trip? Or, does it sound closer to a nightmare?

If you choose the latter, you’re not alone. While some adore this outdoor experience, many people can’t stand camping. They hate the hard ground and the constant crossing between being too hot and too cold in their tent. They don’t like the lack of privacy and the noise and the lack of a personal toilet and shower.

So, what’s the alternative to camping? Glamping.

What is glamping?

Put simply, glamping is camping with more luxurious facilities. Instead of the ground, you sleep in a comfortable bed. Electricity is available, and oftentimes there is running water and heating.

Depending on where you stay, there may even be a fully functioning kitchen. Glamping combines the beautiful outdoors with indoor amenities to create a hotel feel while in nature.

Each with their own personal touches to suit what you’re looking for in a holiday, there is a whole range of glamping accommodation spaces to choose from. 

Luxury yurt glamping

Luxury yurts offer a tent-like experience without the downsides of your typical tent stay. These large structures tend to be round with a domed or pointed roof and a canvas covering. The frame is usually wooden and exposed, and the interior can be filled with anything from just a bed, rug and woodburner to several bedroom areas and a full kitchen. They’re heated and usually have mains power, and some even have bathroom attachments with running water.

Luxury safari tent glamping

Luxury safari tents are small house-like structures made of canvas. For glamping, these tents are fixed in place and have wooden frames with windows and openings to let in light. Often raised on wooden platforms, staying in a luxe safari tent is like staying in a villa but with an emphasis on a more natural feel.

Like yurts, these tents can comprise just a bed and simple amenities or multiple living areas and a kitted-out kitchen. Safari tents tend to be popular with families or those with multiple people staying.

Shepherd hut glamping

Shepherd huts are the firm favourites of smaller groups, couples and solo travellers. These are wooden hut structures, mirroring those of days past when shepherds needed somewhere to sleep while they worked in the fields. Some can be attached to the back of a vehicle while some are fixed in place.

These cosy spaces are small, with a comfortable bed, storage, and usually a kitchen and bathroom included. A shepherd’s hut is the perfect private getaway with everything you need in one small, beautiful space.

Are glamping sites profitable?

The glamping industry is lucrative. If you have land, it can be fairly easy to turn a profit by purchasing one or more glamping spaces and renting them out to holidaymakers and travellers. The capital investment compared with the returns is minimal, which is what makes a glamping business so popular to start. 

If you’re interested in earning extra money and have the land to spare then it’s wise to invest in glamping. Growing in success here in the UK, many are opting for the comfort of shepherd huts and yurts in the stunning countryside we have available. As a result of the economic conditions, the number of people staying in the UK is on the rise. Cheaper than going abroad, and it means no waiting in airports and suffering through flight delays.

You may be surprised to learn that there are some incredibly affordable glamping space options available that will bring healthy returns year after year. Shepherd huts are especially successful due to their size, price point, and bespoke nature, as well as being easier to move around.

Black Sheep Shepherd Huts for your land or campsite

A handcrafted shepherd hut makes a fantastic addition to an existing camping or glamping site, or to your private land. They’re peaceful, they’re practical, and they can be a whimsical escape for many. Here at Black Sheep, we build our huts by hand using years of combined experience in the carpentry industry and expert levels of skill. 

We offer four set designs, meaning we can build huts very efficiently and reduce the costs of our huts compared to those who build each hut one at a time. Each of our shepherd’s huts is made of the best quality materials and finished to your specifications, but due to our faster build process, we are able to charge you less.

Investing in a Black Sheep Shepherd Huts hut means less money spent and more money gained back. You can create your own thriving, profitable Airbnb or glamping site business by providing guests with top-of-the-line accommodation right here in the beautiful British countryside. 

If you’re interested in jumpstarting or upgrading your glamping business by buying a shepherd hut, then get in touch. We’ll talk you through our hut designs, their benefits and bespoke options, and give you expert advice to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a call on 07789 778699, or use our simple online form to make an enquiry today.

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