Order FAQs

When you order a hut from Black Sheep Shepherd Huts we want you to be completely satisfied with the buying and delivery experience and have set out on this page some answers to the most commonly asked questions. We hope this answers many of the queries you may have about your new hut before it arrives.

Will my hut have internal light fittings?

We do not supply light fittings as part of the price, however, we will fit any light fittings that you send to us at additional cost providing they are compliant with the required IP rating. For the bathroom lights, these must be a minimum of IP44. If you are having any spotlights/downlighters fitted in ceilings these will be fitted as part of the hut installation.

If you choose not to send us lights we provide wiring tails for your electrician to connect your lights to.

What about external lights?

We cannot fit any external lights at the factory. From experience, they are liable to be damaged in transit. As with the internal lights, we will provide wiring to the points on the hut where lights can be fitted.

Can I choose different electrical switch gear and plates for my hut?

If you wish to have different switches such as chromed or brushed nickel we can install these as an upgrade. You will need to supply these to us at least 3 weeks prior to the build starting.

Can I have different taps?

If you want to have a personal choice of taps and fittings these must be supplied directly to us by yourselves at least 3 weeks prior to completion. Providing they are compatible we can fit your choice of plumbing hardware.

What waste pipes and fittings are there?

Underneath your hut you will have the following;

All of these terminate in single tails for your choice of connection at the end location. You will require a plumber or competent handyperson to connect your tails to a suitable drainage/sewage system appropriate for your site.

And water connection?

This is normally fitted as a quick-connect hose lock type fitting. If you need anything different this will need to be specified prior to completion. Mains pressure should not exceed 3 BAR at the entry point nor be below 2 Bar. The ideal pressure is between 2.3 & 2.7 Bar for all systems to function correctly.

How large is the water heater? 

The standard electric water heater is either 80 litres or 120 litres depending on your choice of hut. These are mains powered and must only be used when full of water. They need to have an input pressure between 2.0 and 3.0 Bar. We fit a regulator as standard to ensure safe operation.

How large an electricity supply do I need?

The maximum all-on load for our shepherd huts is just under 30 amps, excluding any additional items such as kettles or similar. We recommend that you have a single phase 32amp supply to ensure the safe and convenient operation of your hut.

The huts are wired to accept a 32 amp single phase commando type connector 

What if we don’t have 32 amps available?

We can build solutions for you that will reduce the overall load to below 16amps. This will require LPG water heating and an LPG Hob to replace the standard electrical equipment. You will then be able to run your hut on a 16 amp single phase supply. This option will mean that the hut is supplied with a 16amp commando type connector.

Will the hut have an electrical certificate?

Our huts are wired to the appropriate standards. You will need to have a local electrician undertake a post installation inspection to ensure that your local earthing and final connections on your site meet the necessary standards. We cannot provide a site installation certificate, this has to be provided by your electrician.

We have opted for an LPG system – what are the implications?

If you opt for LPG we will have to make some changes to your hut ventilation an include extra wall and floor vents to ensure there is no risk of Carbon monoxide poisoning.

We are not permitted to make the connection to any LPG appliance, all final connections will need to be made on-site by your LPG GasSAFE engineer. This will include the connection to the hob, water heater and any regulator or manifold that you are using with your hut.

You must ensure that your engineer tests any pipework we have installed for post transit leaks prior to connection to your LPG supply.

What base does my hut need to stand on?

We recommend a minimum of a concrete pad underneath each wheel to provide level support for the hut. You do not need to concrete a full base the size of the hut.

We suggest the following dimensions but you may need to assess local ground conditions in order to ensure your foundations are stable.

Shetland Huts  – 450mm x 450 mm x 150mm deep concrete pad on a prepared stone or aggregate substrate that is compacted to a depth of at least 150mm.

Cheviot, Suffolk & Lincoln Huts  – 600mm x 600 mm x 200mm deep concrete pad on a prepared stone or aggregate substrate that is compacted to a depth of at least 200mm.

How often do I need to paint my huts cladding?

Cuprinol claim that the products we use from the Garden Shades range should have a working life on wood of 6 years. We recommend that you base any repainting schedule on local conditions and would suggest that a 4 yearly program would be suitable in all but the most extreme conditions and ensure the protection and longevity of your hut is maintained at the highest level.

How frequently should I re-stain the window frames and doors?

We suggest that this is done every 2 – 3 years depending again on local conditions. You may find that in south facing situation the stain fades more rapidly and we would suggest that to maintain protection you re-treat every 2 years.

Can I paint my window frames?

Yes – however, we no longer offer painted frames from the factory. It will add significant additional time and cost to your ongoing maintenance programme.

What other maintenance issues can we expect?

All wooden structures move depending on weather conditions, whether it’s a 16th Century barn or a new shepherd hut. You will, in the lifetime of your hut, notice that on the internal joints of walls and ceilings, you may see movement lines. These simply need to be repainted as part of your periodic maintenance and refurbishment program. 

Oak work surfaces will show wear as they would in any kitchen. These can simply be sanded and retreated, again depending on local use and customer care.

You may find that doors become difficult to open – this is almost always due to the hut not being level on its pad. This may be due to the original installation or settlement of a pad in isolation from the others. This is easily rectified by lifting the lowest corner and packing underneath the wheel with stell shims to get the hut sitting square on its pads again. This is not a sign of the hut failing – it is part of the movement and settling process for the hut.

Can I move my hut once installed?

If you have chosen the steel chassis upgrade then movement should present no issues on firm ground with an appropriate tow vehicle. If you have a standard chassis it is possible to move the hut in straight lines relatively short distances. Extreme care needs to be taken when moving a standard hut so as not to do damage to the chassis or axles. We only recommend moving huts on very firm, level ground. We can supply loan wheels with pneumatic tyres to assist in the initial movement of a hut to its site.

How heavy is my hut if I want to lift it?

Typical weights of the huts;

Where can I get replacement parts?

We stock a full range of original parts for bathrooms and kitchens, including replacement appliances.

For kitchen and bedroom cabinets we use Howdens and they will be able to supply all replacement panels locally. If you ever had any issue obtaining Howdens panels please contact us and we can arrange replacements on your behalf.

Can I use my own haulier for delivery?

We recommend that you use our preferred local haulier who has gained experience in moving and lifting our huts. You may use your own haulier providing they are well versed in lifting and moving large items such as shepherd huts. They must provide their own lifting equipment as we do not have the capacity to load or unload at the factory. The lorry should ideally be equipped with a HIAB type self contained crane.

All delivery arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer unless we have specifically agreed to arrange and organise transport on your behalf. 

All directions and communication with the haulier must be undertaken directly between the buyer and the haulier, Black Sheep Shepherd Huts cannot take responsibility for relating detailed delivery and access plans to the haulier.

It is essential prior to delivery that the haulier is made aware in writing by the buyer of any specific site limitations such as restricted width gateways, low trees, soft ground, tight corners, low bridges narrow walled lanes or any other access issues that may prevent delivery or require alternate arrangements to be made.

What warranty do you offer?

We offer a two year warranty on workmanship and materials used in the construction of your hut, including, sanitary fittings and plumbing hardware such as taps and shower fittings. The Howdens kitchen doors have a 5 year warranty from Howdens which you will have to register.

We will provide you with warranty registrations for all of the major electrical appliances, 

The warranty specifically excludes maintenance issues such as, but not limited to;

The warranty specifically excludes damage through negligence such as frozen pipes, frozen plumbing fittings, damage by fire or burning whether associated with the installed woodburner or otherwise and damage by vermin infestation or pests.

For certain warranty work, we may elect to ask you to employ a local contractor to facilitate the repairs and we will reimburse the agreed costs of repair.