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12 May 2022

How much do shepherd huts weigh?

Shepherd huts as you may recognise them now are a wooden trailer-like structure fitted with a bed, kitchen and often a bathroom. As you can imagine, this makes them a pretty heavy feature to own.

However, there are plenty of factors that affect how much a shepherd hut weighs. These can include the type of hut, the size and material of the chassis, the size of the wheels and the additional features inside. Let’s look at the different factors that play a role in our shepherd huts’ weight.

Highest contributing factors

Each of our luxury shepherd huts is built with your choice of finishes and final touches with each of our standard huts weighing between 3 and 3.5 tons. This weight can also fluctuate depending on any particular request; for example, when extra rooms or space is required the hut’s weight will increase.

The Chassis

This medieval-sounding construction is as heavy as it sounds, averaging 500kg. The chassis is a sturdy load-bearing framework that supports all of its weight.

The weight of the chassis also depends on the material it’s made from, which is usually steel or wood. With our huts, the wooden chassis weighs much more than our steel chassis. So if weight is a deciding factor for you, a steel chassis may be a preferable option.

The Wheels

Our standard cast-iron wheels, including stub axles and hub caps, weigh in at approximately 40kg. As four of these weighty additions are required within the build of one of our huts, an additional 160kg is added to the total weight of the hut.

If weight is a conscious decision when selecting your hut, you may consider not having the wheels added to your bespoke hut. However this would not only take away from the design elements of the hut, but also cause it to be completely immobile without a large crane.

Hut additions

Other additional components which can affect the hut’s weight include some of our popular optional extras. These can include a rather weighty Charlton & Jenrick woodburner, bespoke additional kitchen cabinets and heated towel rails to name a few. In addition to these, some of the more basic upgrades including flooring, shepherd hut frames, walls, doors, and windows can add kilograms to your overall weight.

How much does a shepherd hut cost?

When calculating the price of a shepherd hut, there are a couple of aspects builders must consider. These include size, specifications, materials used, and the hut builder’s unique pricing. At Black Sheep Shepherd Huts, the way we streamline our chassis construction process depending on the style of hut selected, we are able to enhance and speed up the construction process without compromising on quality, leaving us able to have prices up to 50% lower than most shepherd hut builders.

Our Flock

The Shetland – £21,999 +VAT

The Shetland is our extremely versatile and affordable hut boasting a high-end specification for its price. With its size coming in at 6 metres by 2.4 metres, this is our lightest hut also.

The Shetland Hut Full Specifications

The Cheviot – £25,999 + VAT

The Cheviot offers all the living space and amenities that are expected of a homely, luxurious setting, for an extremely reasonable price. Being slightly larger than The Shetland, it is 7.2 metres by 2.55 metres in size.

The Cheviot Hut Full Specifications

The Lincoln – £49,995 + VAT

The Lincoln is a shepherd hut taken to another level, making it our ultimate luxury accommodation. This 7.5 metre by 3 metre hut not only has a separate bedroom, but boasts more than enough space for anything and everything you could want within your shepherd hut.

The Lincoln Hut Full Specification

Our Shepherd Huts

Interested in learning more about our shepherd huts for sale? Give us a call today on 07789 778699 or email us at to discover how we can help you create your perfect bespoke shepherd hut. Alternatively, if you’re already set on one of our huts, use our online enquiry form to register your interest.

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