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19 March 2024

Shepherd Huts – The Perfect Wedding Venue Addition

The perfect wedding isn’t complete without the perfect place to stay. Many newlywed couples book hotel rooms, or head home for some privacy. The goal for many is to find somewhere they can tuck themselves away for the night, where they can enjoy each other’s company after one of the biggest days of their lives. But is there a better option than a hotel, Airbnb, or home?

There is, and you can offer it to them.

By having a handcrafted shepherds hut on your venue’s land, you can give the new couple a place to stay that looks beautiful, is practical in its location, and offers the utmost privacy. Let’s look at why a shepherd hut makes a fantastic addition to your wedding venue, for both you and the happy couples.

Shepherd huts are picturesque

Stunning pieces of craftsmanship, shepherd huts are as lovely to look at as they are to stay in. With one of these wonderful huts, you’ll not only add to the beauty of the venue but also provide another gorgeous photography opportunity. 

Couples will adore the look of the hut, especially one of our wooden Black Sheep shepherd huts. We build every hut from scratch in our Norfolk workshop, finishing it to your specifications to create the perfect space for your venue. If your hut shares themes and decor with your venue then the couple can smoothly transition from one to the other and still feel wrapped up in their wedding bubble.

Shepherd huts have a certain rustic charm about them that gives off the perfect romantic appeal. Their small, intimate space lends to this as well. Couples will be able to spend a night nestled in their own beautiful world with not a soul nearby. A shepherd hut on private venue land is the ultimate in privacy.

The functional benefits

Beyond their picturesque looks, there are many functional benefits to having a shepherds hut. These brilliant advantages will make your venue more appealing to prospective couples and wedding planners. 


Having a place for the couple to stay on-site means they don’t need to worry about transport or long journeys. They can simply walk from the venue to the hut, skipping out the hassle and stress in between. No one likes the trip home at the end of an event – by having somewhere to sleep only minutes away you’ll take away that tiresome part of the night. 

The location is also handy if you require clean-up at your venue the following day. Many countryside-based wedding venues require guests to leave the venue as it was before the wedding. By offering a shepherd hut, the couple can sleep in or enjoy some peace before heading back to the venue to straighten things up. 

Fully furnished

All our shepherd huts, no matter the model you choose, come fully furnished. The couple can enjoy a fully working and very beautiful bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower, plus a small kitchen area complete with a sink and a two-ring ceramic hob. They’ll want for nothing when staying in their own tiny home for the night.

Completely private

No neighbours, no one else in the hotel room next to you, no Airbnb hosts sleeping downstairs. In a small, quiet shepherd hut on private land, you’ll be completely alone, together. Gaze up at the stars, get cosy in bed, or whip up a midnight snack in the kitchen knowing that it’s just the two of you.

Bridal suite

Another benefit of an on-site shepherd’s hut is the option to use it as a beautiful bridal suite. The bride can use the space to get ready, get her make-up and hair done, and spend time with her bridesmaids before the big event. She won’t need to worry about her wedding outfit getting wrinkled in the car as she’ll be mere moments away from the venue.

Peaceful surroundings

One of the joys of a countryside wedding is the nature it comes with. Many couples today choose to hold their weddings in old barns, on farms, or on private land. Couples can enjoy this slice of serenity for longer by staying in a shepherd hut by the venue. They’ll wake up to birdsong and peace, able to quietly enjoy the surroundings while winding down from the big day before.

Choose a Black Sheep Shepherd Hut for your wedding venue

Help your couples create lasting memories by adding a shepherd hut on your land. The cosy ambience of our shepherd huts can’t be beaten, and the happy couple will love staying somewhere so picturesque yet practical. They make the perfect, intimate setting, ideal for both wedding photography opportunities and a wonderful night’s stay. 

Industry professionals with years of experience handcraft our huts at our workshop in Norfolk. Each of our three hut models boasts incredible features and can be finished to your exact specifications, leaving you spoilt for choice. 

Interested to learn more about what a stunning wooden shepherd hut could do for your wedding venue’s popularity? Get in touch by calling us on 07789 778699 and speak to one of our friendly experts.

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