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15 March 2022

Living Full-time in a Shepherd Hut

When looking to buy a shepherd hut, many ask if you can live full-time in it. As advocates for these stunning structures, we of course will always say, yes, of course you can live in a shepherd hut full time. Living in a beautifully crafted shepherd hut is an attractive option for many people as they are easy to maintain. However, there are plenty of considerations you have to make before deciding to live in a shepherd hut full-time.

Reasons for living in a hut full-time

Just as any garden room or annexe at the end of the garden, shepherd huts are often used as extra accommodation. They’re idyllic for grown up children returning home, but wanting some independence or for an elderly relative looking to move in to be closer to the family.

Alternatively, you may be looking to live full-time in a hut for the pure simplicity of life in the middle of nowhere. With a shepherd hut, you can live off the grid in the peaceful countryside with no distractions of modern technology or the buzz of a city. Whatever your reason, you may want to consider the following questions before moving.

Could you Live in a Small Space Full-time?

Living in a small space does has its advantages and challenges. On the positive side, it encourages a minimalist lifestyle, reducing maintenance and costs. The cosiness can create a sense of comfort and, of course, the idea of having all the essentials you need at arm’s length can really sound great.

However, storage limitations and potential privacy issues are potential drawbacks. Adapting to a downsized living arrangement is key. It offers both financial benefits and a unique, simplified lifestyle, but may not suit everyone.

What’s Your Social Life Like?

Are you more of an introvert who sees a few people at a time? Or are you an extrovert who loves to have plenty of people over? Whilst you could make accommodations and have people who visit you sit outside; the shepherd hut is quite small, private, and obviously limits the number of people who can enter your home. If this bothers you, consider using the shepherd hut as a part-time shelter or space you use for some private time.

However, if you’re looking for intimacy, living in a small space like a shepherd hut can enhance social bonds, promoting closer connections with whoever you’re living with. Balancing the communal atmosphere with potential constraints is crucial to align the living arrangement with individual social preferences.

Do you Plan to Live With Pets?

Living with pets in a shepherd hut creates a close and cosy environment, fostering strong bonds. The compact space simplifies cleaning, and proximity to nature, whether it be within or next to an outdoor space such as a forest or piece of farmland can really benefit pets.

However, some challenges could include space constraints, especially for larger pets, and the need for thoughtful planning for their activities. Odour control may be more challenging, and some pets may find the confined space restrictive. Balancing the joys and responsibilities is crucial when deciding to share a smaller living space with pets.

How Long do Shepherd Huts Last?

Wondering how long shepherd huts last? If done with quality materials and workmanship, such as our shepherd huts, they can serve as beautiful and functional living spaces for very long periods of time – similar to that of a traditional home.

Planning Permission for shepherd huts

Whether or not you need planning permission for a shepherds hut depends on the use of your hut, the land you decide to build on, and your local planning office’s rules and regulations.

For example, if you’re planning to build a shepherd hut in your garden for your own personal use, you probably won’t need any planning permission. However, if you decide to build in an outdoor space such as farmland, even your own, you will most likely need permission to do so.

Where to buy your shepherd hut

Whether you’re now excited to go full-time in your hut, or just looking to use it as a garden office, summer staycation house or even a man-cave, we have a hut for you. Have a look at our delicately handcrafted selection of very affordable, fully functional shepherd’s huts built with high-quality materials or if you’re set on a Black Sheep shepherd hut, make an enquiry through our online form.

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