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15 February 2024

Why You Should Add a Shepherd Hut to Your Campsite

So, you have a successful campsite up and running. Guests visit and enjoy their time surrounded by the beautiful British countryside. They love the birdsong, the greenery, and the space, spending days in their own off-grid universe before getting back to the grind.

Tented camping gives visitors the chance to breathe in the fresh air and relax under the stars. But could the experience be improved?

Introduce a different option to your guests in the form of a shepherd’s hut. These handcrafted wooden structures offer a luxurious alternative for your visitors and bring in an entirely new type of guest. A solid investment, these small home-away-from-home huts offer a bed, kitchen, and often even a bathroom. Running water, electricity and heating keep the hut comfortable, bringing the comforts of a hotel to the camping experience.

Shepherd huts come with a wide range of benefits that will only grow what your campsite has to offer guests. If you’re still not convinced, let us show you why a shepherd hut is the best next step for your campground. 

Offers guests a wider variation of accommodation

By adding a shepherd hut, you’re giving your campground visitors a different choice of somewhere to stay. Instead of the standard camping plot and their trusty tent, they can opt for a more luxurious stay in a wooden hut that is already prepared for them. 

A comfortable bed, full kitchen, and a bathroom with a toilet, shower and sink give guests the option to upgrade their typical camping holiday while still letting them enjoy the campsite experience and stunning scenery.

Attracts different types of visitors to your campsite

If you’re looking to extend your reach and attract a new kind of guest to your campground, then adding a glamping option can help. While those who love to camp would also enjoy the novelty of sleeping under a solid ceiling once in a while, there is an entirely different demographic who enjoy a more comfortable experience.

Lovers of glamping and hotels will gravitate towards a shepherd’s hut. The hard ground and unpredictable weather of camping in tents aren’t at the top of everyone’s list of a good time, and for those people, there are shepherd huts. These wooden structures offer the wonderful amenities of a hotel room or cottage while still giving guests immediate access to nature. 

Upgrades your campsite reputation

Many flock to shepherd huts not just for the practicality and luxury, but also for the aesthetic. Huts are beautiful when built and decorated well, and you’ll find many guests booking holidays and nights away in a shepherd hut for the whimsy alone. Photos of shepherd’s huts flood social media and gain popularity quickly due to their looks, making them also a potential source of marketing for your business.

The addition of one or more shepherd huts can raise your reputation through many means, be that word of mouth between friends and family, or on the internet. By adding variety and luxury options, your site becomes more than just a campground. Giving guests a new holiday experience can lead to recommendations and reviews, helping get your campsite business on the map.

Gets healthy returns on your investment

A shepherd hut is an investment. They come in various price ranges, depending on the supplier and design, but the returns they bring more than make up for the money spent. A well-made shepherd hut is easy to maintain and clean due to its size and materials, and the price per night can be much more than a simple tent plot. Eventually, you will see your money returned, with profit.

If you have the means to invest then a single handcrafted shepherd hut or multiple huts can help boost your business’ earnings. The variation, quality and experience you’ll offer returning and new guests will keep your months booked up, and soon the huts will pay for themselves.

Add Black Sheep Shepherd Huts to your campsite

Adding an expertly built shepherd hut is key to achieving these benefits. A low-quality hut could result in greater costs down the line in upkeep, as well as disappointing visitors and turning them away from coming back or recommending to friends. To really capture the interest of guests, the huts you choose need to be the best available to you, while not breaking the bank.

At Black Sheep Shepherd Huts, we produce only the most beautiful wooden huts for an affordable price you won’t find anywhere else. Why can we offer these incredibly competitive prices? It’s all down to the building process. 

We offer our customers four set designs. This allows us to build base pieces of the huts extremely efficiently, reducing the cost of work compared to those who build each hut one at a time. Each of our shepherd huts for sale, no matter the design, is made of top-quality materials and finished to your specifications. Our skilled and experienced team builds every single hut by hand.

If you’re interested in enhancing your campground business then get in touch with us today. Our expert team will talk you through our hut designs, benefits and bespoke options, ready to advise and assist you in discovering exactly what you’re looking for. Use our simple online form or give us a call on 07789 778699 to make an enquiry.

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