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21 July 2022

The Wonderful History of Shepherd Huts

Embark on a journey through time and design as we delve into the world of shepherd huts. Once simple shelters for shepherds, these wooden cabins on wheels have transformed into versatile spaces. The evolution of these charming structures bridges the gap between tradition and modern comfort. Find your perfect retreat at Black Sheep Shepherd Huts, where quality meets affordability.

What Is a Shepherd Hut?

A shepherd hut can simply be described as a small, often wooden cabin space on top of cast iron wheels that can be used as an all-purpose space. Some of the valuable functions that they have include the ability to use it as a space for cooking, sleeping, dining and storage.

While all shepherd huts follow this similar structure, each design is unique in its own way. Most have a space for a bed and small kitchen area, with storage space. Often laid out in one or two rooms, huts are full of everything you need for a short or long-term stay.

The History Of Shepherd Huts

The earliest accounts of shepherd huts have been traced back to 1596 and continue to be used to this day. The huts are traditionally used within the United Kingdom and France as a form of accommodation and protection from the elements for shepherds during the lambing season – which often occurs during colder temperatures. The shepherd would use the space underneath his bed to place sick or orphaned lambs. The shepherd huts also served as storage for gardening equipment, wood, and metal etc.

Over time, shepherd huts have experienced vast improvements in materials used, durability, functionality, interior features and designs. Meaning, in modern-day practices, shepherd huts can be for a wide variety of uses, including camping, outdoor office space, and accommodation for yourself and or guests.

Camping in a shepherds hut is a great way to experience nature first-hand whilst being protected from the elements and having access to those all important cosy comforts you’d typically have in your home.

Where Can I Buy a Shepherd Hut?

Our huts are designed with the best quality materials and expert craftsmanship to give you a comfortable living experience for decades to come. At Black Sheep, we have designed our current four signature huts with longevity in mind, drawing inspiration from classic shepherd’s huts design and craftsmanship techniques.

We hand-craft every single one of our huts on-site using traditional methods and finish them to your bespoke specifications. Creating the perfect shepherd hut, every time. Browse our range of huts or place your enquiry through our simple online form

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