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28 September 2022

Your Guide to Off-Grid Living

Living off-grid has gained a lot of traction over the last few years as people seek more affordable, self-sufficient and eco-friendly ways to live. But, what actually is off-grid living and why is it a beneficial solution for many?

What’s Off-Grid Living?

Off-grid living means different things to different people, however, the standard definition is that you’re not dependent on any wide-scale public infrastructure to supply your utilities. This includes your electricity and gas, meaning that you’ll have to supply your own. 

If you were to ask the more avid off-gridders, they’d probably tell you that the lifestyle includes growing your own food and living without any modern technology. However, if you’re looking to live off-grid in one of our shepherd huts, our stylish and practical additions can bring you a little home comfort.

How to Power an Off-Grid Hut

The most common method used today is the installation of solar panels. As you might have guessed, solar panels absorb energy from the sun and convert it into electricity for your hut. You might want to consider purchasing a battery that will store that solar energy. This will ensure you can utilise your solar power whenever you like.

If you’d like to go the solar panel route, the location you choose must have access to plenty of sunshine. 

How to Get Heat in Your Off-Grid Hut

Using a multifuel stove is the most sustainable choice for heating when off-grid. It is cost effective and simple to run due to the area around the hut being able to supply the wood.

The other heating options are more complex, eco-friendly, and can often get more heat into your hut at once. However, they are not without their costs. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective method for heat in the long-term then a multifuel stove is the way to go. 

How to Get Water Into Your Off-Grid Hut

There are a number of methods you could use to get clean drinking water into your off-grid hut. The easiest way is to include the installation of a storage tank, however, some may choose to obtain water from a well or collect rainwater.

Why Go Off Grid?

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider living off of the grid, including a simpler way of life, a friendlier alternative to most modern-day living, and the freedom that comes with self-sufficiency. 

Self Sustainability

You get to experience a sense of independence and satisfaction of knowing that you’re the one driving your lifestyle and not waiting on the national grid to supply your power. While living on the grid makes getting electricity somewhat easier, problems like national power outages don’t affect you as your own efforts determine your supply of power.   

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Living in an off grid hut is much healthier for the environment as you produce cleaner energy for your own needs vs being connected to national power grids that supply electricity on a mass scale and use environmentally harmful sources of electricity such as fossil fuels.

Save Money     

After paying your initial investment, you get to save in the long term as you don’t have to pay any monthly water and electricity bills. 

Ready to go Off the Grid?

At Black Sheep Shepherd Huts we have expertly designed huts for a very low cost. Our huts are fully functional, high-quality, and cost 50% lower than most shepherd’s hut companies. Browse our range of luxury shepherd huts for sale and enquire today.

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